Justin Wong takes on Japan’s continued Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade scene and leaves surprised at how much the game has evolved

The multi-major champion struggles to get a single win off of those who never stopped playing

Justin Wong’s competitive history in the fighting game community dates back more than 2 decades, but outside of Marvel vs. Capcom, it was Street Fighter 4 where the legendary player racked up most of his big tournament wins.

During his recent trip to Japan, Wong hit up the local arcade scene for Ultra Street Fighter 4 to play a bunch of sets and walked away surprised at how much the game has continued to evolve after getting bodied by those who never stopped playing.

Justin’s first opponent featured with his post-commentary is against one of the slipperiest Vega players you’ve likely seen with over 97,000 BP, and despite his experience winning a long list of majors in SF4, he struggled to take more than a single round with his trusty Rufus.

On top of excellent spacing and reactions, Wong notes the Vega’s meter building techniques and charge timing were next level compared to anything he’d previously experienced against the character.

It would be an Elena player, however, with nearly 170,000 BP that would make the multi-game champion feel almost helpless to the point that he apologized for picking Elena up in Ultra back in the day.

They consistently stuffed Wong’s divekick attempts with DP reversal or air to airs, which shut down one of his favorite Rufus tactics, and even after taking out almost taking her out while sitting at full health, the Elena comes back with some wild FADC combos and crazy smart baits.

And it’s not like JWong forgot how to play the game either. He has a few crucial drops / misinputs in the sets, but his overall execution still looks pretty clean after all this time.

In all his matches shown including the ones against Decapre and Chun-Li, Justin only manages to take a single game off of his Japanese opponents, and even that one was a nail-biter.

If you’re in the mood for some good USF4 matches and / or seeing Rufus getting smacked around, then check out Justin’s new video below.


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